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About the Center


CLAPR’s mission is to foster and support thoughtful, innovative research on the political and policy circumstances of the nation’s Latina/o-Hispanic (Latinx) population, thereby creating a fuller, deeper understanding of politics and governance in the United States. This mission entails facilitating and disseminating scholarship that emphasizes, but is not limited to, empirical and normative theoretical perspectives, historical context, institutional dimensions, and public policy issues, which complements and extends the large body of behavioral research that has been so prominent in informing the study of Latina/o politics.

● Cataloguing, classifying and Studying Latinox Orgs

● Faces of Inequality

● Race and equality

● Latinos and Covid19

● Recurring Surveys of Latinos

● Distinguished Speakers Series

● Academic Conferences

● Latino Politics Research Award

● State of Latinos and Issue X series

● AZ state legislation database

● AZ political institutions database

● Politics of Race, Immigration, and Ethnicity Consortium (PRIEC)

● Latino Politics Lab

● Emerging Scholars Conference

● Online program for sustained nation-wide mentorship, training

● Latino Politics Certificate

The intersection of scholarship and policy & community represents the CLAPR’s fit and commitment to the broader mission of ASU to leverage our assets for the purpose of enhancing our local impact and social embeddedness

Students are central to all the CLAPR’s priorities, and in the spirit of innovation and direction towards the New American University, the CLAPR is intentional about training students to be world class scholars and fostering an acumen with “politics on the ground” via strategic engagement with community members.

Similar to the convergence of Emerging Scholars and Policy & Community, the junction of Emerging Scholars and Scholarship emphasizes training outstanding scholars while engaging with the community, in line with CLAPR's student-focused priorities and the New American University vision.

At the center of all priorities of the CLAPR is a commitment to thoughtful attention and inclusion of Latina/o/x people as co-producers of knowledge and leaders.

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