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The mission of CLAPR is to foster and support thoughtful, objective, and innovative research on the political and policy circumstances of the nation’s Latina/o-Hispanic population, thereby creating a fuller, deeper understanding of politics and governance in the United States.  This mission entails facilitating and disseminating research that emphasizes, but is not limited to, empirical and normative theoretical perspectives, historical context, institutional dimensions, and public policy issues which are especially germane to the Latina/o-Hispanic population while also having broad significance for American society and politics.

About the center


CLAPR commissioned a survey of Arizona voters -- with a substantial Latinx 'oversample' -- which asked about respondent's likelihood of voting, whom the respondent will vote for, etc. This survey led to several blog postings, public interviews with Center-affiliated faculty, and other public attention and recogntion. We have plans continue similar, and other, activities in the future.

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“A guiding idea that I’ve had with regard to my scholarship is that you cannot understand American politics without understanding Latino politics, and you cannot understand Latino politics without understanding American politics.”

- Professor Rodney Hero, Raul H. Yzaguirre Chair.